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A Plastic Abyss is a continuation of my pre-collection, Disco in Atlantis, inspired by the playful, subversive nature of water and the distorted appearance of interactions within it. A Plastic Abyss explores how a Disco in Atlantis could look today, highlighting the way that micro plastics, overfishing and oil spills have ravaged the marine environment, referencing disasters such as the BP oil spill in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico from which I discovered an initial source of colour influence. 


A Plastic Abyss aims to promote natural hand rendered art and craft skills, with a strong focus on the sustainability of intricate craft embroidery techniques including tambour beading, tatting and hand weaving. I have adopted the philosophy that sustainability of craft processes is to be the centre of my design ethos and brand philosophy. Attention at the core to these craft techniques gives a sense of childlike play through tactile experimentation and draws consumers into a rich and unique tangible experience with the brand. The attention to craft processes is complemented throughout the collection by the use of modern digital techniques, including laser cutting and computer embroidery, allowing for more experimental and unique results. 


My work illustrates how intricate craft embroidery techniques can be used to create fabrics which push the boundaries of craft processes. Technique testing inspired development and led to the creation of laser cut weave designs from a piece of tatted lace. Some of the fabrics have been crafted solely with thread and beads. Every piece sets out to inspire, innovate and enthral and it is this commitment which has allowed my collection to come to fruition and express an insightful reflection on how textiles can be used to communicate gravely destructive issues in a beautiful light.

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